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LIVE FROM HOME #5 | This New Years Day
We've invited 6 artists we're pumped about for the next year to come on-air and kick off 2021 in a big way!
James Gilmore
Published 30 December 2020
Live From Home / W!ZARD Radio Station

This Friday (New Years Day) we're doing something a bit different... (again)

We're kicking off 2021 in a big way! After the huge success of the first 4 editions of LIVE FROM HOME in 2020... we're starting the new year with a very special edition.

W!ZARD Radio Station has invited 6 artists we're pumped about for the next year to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help to bring in the New Year!

From 4pm to 7pm (GMT) on Friday, James Gilmore will be serving up a fresh and exciting line-up of artists – for your entertainment! Expect singing (lots of it), chats, DMCs, games and a whole lot more to kick off your New Year. And everyone will be coming to you live from their home !

Each artist will be on-air for roughly 10-15 minutes… so don’t miss them! Listen live on: www.wizardradio.co.uk/listen

The line-up is:

4.15pm - Devon
4.40pm - Kara Marni
5.10pm - somegirlnamedanna
5.35pm - Ronnie Watts
6.10pm - Morgan St. Jean
6.35pm - Baby Queen

If you miss any of the broadcast, you can listen to LIVE FROM HOME on demand on W!ZARD Repeats for 7 days.

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