Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Six
Switched On Pop | "Prince Ali" and Why We're All Music Theorists
Evie Appleson: Head-Over-Heels Summer Romances
Hyer’s Highlights: Is Boris Johnson The British Donald Trump?
Hyer’s Highlights: Life In One Dimension
Interview with DJ Chillz
Interview with Taze
The Receipts: Taking Up Space (feat. Ore & Chelsea)
Just a Tip | Messy Ass Wedding
New Music We Love: Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
Punch Up The Jam | Feel Good Inc. (with Julia Nunes)
Switched On Pop | Why Does Every Intro Sound Like It's Underwater? (Live)
Your Receipts: I’m sleeping with a married man
Interview with a Protester in Hong Kong
Just a Tip | Befriending My Ex (with Justin James Hughes)
Alec Feldman’s First Ever House Party
Alec Feldman: Good News, Bad News
The Horrors in Hong Kong
Punch Up The Jam | Believe (with Nicole Byer)
Switched On Pop | The Man Behind the Rocketman (with Giles Martin)
Interview with Kida Kudz
Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Five
Hyer’s Highlights: Prime Minister Candidates Admit Drug Use
The Receipts: Red(ish) flags
Alec Feldman: Things That Happen At Every House Party
Alec Feldman: What REALLY Happens In The Girls Toilets
Alec Feldman: Things Banned From Exam Halls
Just a Tip | Come At Me Crazy (with Asia Jackson)
Punch Up The Jam | London Bridge (with Ben Siemon)
Switched On Pop | The Greatest Pop Stories Never Told
Interview with Jimmie Allen
Hyer’s Highlights: Tuition Fee Changes
Hyer’s Highlights: The Race To Replace Theresa
Your Receipts: My girlfriend is jealous of my best friend
Just a Tip | So Twisted (with Erica Klein)
New Music We Love: Katy Perry's pop reign was Never Really Over
Punch Up The Jam | My Sharona (with Adam Conover)
Switched On Pop | Should You Care About Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber?
Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Four
Benji Hyer’s Vaccination Documentary
Interview with Laura Deas
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Nicky Romero
Superstar DJ Nicky Romero hosts Protocol Radio. Each episode, Nicky serves up a eagerly anticipated selection of the latest hand picked tunes, remixes and bootlegs plus exclusive live mixes, insider info and much more. This week he has music from Thomas Gold, Martin Garrix and he premiere's his brand new track "Love You Forever" by Stadiumx and Sam Martin!
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Alana Cook
Alana Cook has the vibe you need for your Friday night! She has another story in her hunt for the World's Most Embarrassing Parents, throws it back with some old-school Dizzee Rascal and she reads out your Guilty Pleasures! Plus she plays the latest tunes from Martin Garrix, Mabel, Taylor Swift and more!
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Benji Hyer
Benji Hyer presents two hours of talk. This week, he asks: Who do you trust - Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt? Is it appropriate for politicians to physically handle protestors? And, are we growing up with a “warped view of what is normal” because of social media?
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Evie Appleson
Evie Appleson is your new favourite person to chill out with on Sunday evenings. This week she wants to know your most head over heels summer romances (inspired by Jenn Bennett's new book "Serious Moonlight"), she has a petty little rant about people that stick chewing gum to the underside of tables and she has the best music from the week!
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Interview with Hailee Steinfeld
James Gilmore interviews actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld. The beginning is relatively awkward and the rest is... well it's an interview about the film Bumblebee so it's relatively informative too.
Interview with Henry Cavill
Alec Feldman interviews Superman star Henry Cavill about starring in the new "Mission: Impossible - Fallout". They talk about the film and Cavill's controversial mustache.
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Hyer's Highlights Podcast
Listen to Benji Hyer's Hyer's Highlights podcast on all podcast platform now. He discusses the biggest current affairs issues of the week and reads out your messages. Listen here.
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