Holy Swift | Episode 114 - Cruel Summer (with Brittany Spanos)
Alec Feldman: The Storming That Never Was
Alec Feldman: Order Order Big Reveal
Just a Tip | We're Not Really Strangers (with Koreen Odiney)
Switched On Pop | Charli XCX and The Future of Music (with Dani Deahl)
How An Assistant Became An Executive Producer & CEO With HelloGiggles Co-Founder Sophia Rossi
Alec Feldman’s Brand New Board Game
Jo Encarnacion aka @gofitjo | It All Starts With a “No”
Review: Derren Brown: Secret on Broadway
Rumi Neely On Being A Pioneer As One Of The First Influencers
Switched On Pop | Baby Shark!
'YOU'RE A MAN NOW BOY' (R.I.P. LaShawn Daniels, Wiley vs Drake, Camilla Cabello & Shawn Mendes Viral Kiss)
Holy Swift | Episode 113 - Cornelia Street (with Kevin T. Porter)
Just a Tip | In Pizza We Trust (with Andrew Lowe)
Switched On Pop | Who are the Picassos of pop? (with Ross Golan)
Punch Up The Jam | Ghostbusters (with Open Mike Eagle & Neil Cicierega)
Interview with Bea Miller
Danielle Prescod | Say What You Mean
We're 5 Months PREGNANT... And We Haven't Told Anyone!
Switched On Pop | Switched Off Book (with Jess McKenna and Zach Reino)
'WE'RE RETIRING' (Nicki Minaj Retiring, Lil Nas X The Shop & Lana Del Rey vs Ann Powers)
Holy Swift | Episode 112 - Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince
Just a Tip | Hot Thing (with Syd Wilder)
Alec Feldman: The True Meaning of Adulthood
Alec Feldman: Making The Show 150% Funnier
How To Make It As An Artist In A Digital World With William Tyler Story
Punch Up The Jam | Santeria (LIVE with Ian Karmel)
Men’s Health, Gold Stars & Smelly Feet (feat. Iain Stirling)
Hannah Berner | Orgasm Sorcerer
How To Hustle Your Way To Success With Kat Tanita AKA With Love From Kat
'IT'S FOR THE KIDS' (VMA'S, Lizzo's Plagarism, Wiley Vs Ed Sheeran)
Interview with Glowie
Hyer’s Highlights: What happened to “taking back control”?
Interview with DDG
Interview with Marc Jones
Interview with Ari Lennox
Holy Swift | Episode 111 - I Forgot That You Existed
Just a Tip | Everything but helping
Punch Up The Jam | Hotel California PART TWO (with Miel's Dad)
ADHD, Fighting Trolls & Hair Dye (feat. Amelia Bath)
Interview with Lauren Alaina
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Madeleine Molly
Madeleine Molly hosts W!ZARD Radio Station's country music radio show. This week she celebrates 1 Year of her radio show by playing the country songs that have shaped her and she has an exclusive interview with this month's Rising Country artist, Lauren Jenkins. Plus Madeleine has the latest in country music and news from around the world.
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Myles McCaulskey
Myles McCaulskey hosts his weekly radio show! This week, Myles sits down with Sinead Harnett to talk about her new album and he breaks down his Top 5 of the Week. Myles also mixes music from Dave, Lil Tecca, Stormzy and more.
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Benji Hyer
Benji Hyer presents two hours of talk. This week, he asks: Will Boris Johnson get his way? Should America ever negotiate with terrorists? And, should students protesting against uniform rules be barred from school?
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Evie Appleson
Evie Appleson is your new favourite person to chill out with on Sunday evenings. This week she wants to know if trolling is inevitable if you're famous. Plus she has a petty little rant about spots and she has the best music from the week!
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Interview with Hailee Steinfeld
James Gilmore interviews actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld. The beginning is relatively awkward and the rest is... well it's an interview about the film Bumblebee so it's relatively informative too.
Interview with Henry Cavill
Alec Feldman interviews Superman star Henry Cavill about starring in the new "Mission: Impossible - Fallout". They talk about the film and Cavill's controversial mustache.
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