Evie Appleson: LGBTQ+ Representation In The Media
Holy Swift | Episode 109 - Lover
Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Ten
Just a Tip | Facing Myself
Punch Up The Jam | The Boy Is Mine (with Naomi Ekperigin & Andy Beckerman)
Fibromyalgia, Cervical Screening & Leaky Bladders (feat. Dr Anita Mitra)
Switched On Pop | Chance The Rapper, Kehlani, & The Shifting Sound of R&B (with Oak Felder)
'Authentic City' featuring Kadiata
Hyer’s Highlights: Call It What It Is – Does America have a white supremacist problem?
Hyer’s Highlights: What’s happening on October 31st?
Interview with Emma Smith-Barton
Interview with Tori Kelly
Just a Tip | Normal Fairy
Interview with Abby Lee Miller
Alec Feldman: An Apology
Alec Feldman's Celebrity Claims Hotline
Sun Care, Aging Skin & Bum Spots (feat. Dr Anjali Mahto)
Punch Up The Jam | Shallow (with Sean Clements)
Switched On Pop | Beyoncé's Gift To Africa (with Ivie Ani)
'WE SAID MODELLING' (ASAP Rocky Free, Lil Nas X, Iggy Azalea Flops Again)
Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Nine
Interview with BJ The Chicago Kid
Just a Tip | #HornySummer2019
New Music We Love: Ariana Grande & Social House
Review: Everybody's Talking About Jamie
Exam Results, Body Positivity & Mosquitoes (feat. Vicky Pattison)
Punch Up The Jam | I Don't Want To Be (with Carl Tart)
"When young people and adults come together... amazing things can happen" at the Lambeth Country Show
Switched On Pop | LCD Soundsystem and the Unbearable Sameness of Restaurant Playlists
'WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT WHAT BRO?' (Alex from Glasto, ASAP Rocky Charged, Did the UK Fail Jessie J?)
Holy Swift | Episode 108 - The Archer
Just a Tip | Rotten Pheromones
Hyer’s Highlights: Boris Johnson is Prime Minister
Punch Up The Jam | Two Princes (Live with Jon Gabrus & Alice Wetterlund)
Cosmetic Fillers, Vitamin Drips & Tennis
Switched On Pop | The $50M Beat Marketplace That Broke the Billboard
Unstoppable Sessions: The Influence of Love Island
Unstoppable Sessions: Interview with Noha Omnya
Not 97 | Season Five — Episode Eight
Hyer’s Highlights: Moon Landing
Hyer’s Highlights: Likes on Instagram
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Madeleine Molly
Madeleine Molly hosts W!ZARD Radio Station's country music radio show. This week she talks Kacey Musgrave's battle with Fox News and how The Highwomen's new single makes her feel. Plus Madeleine has the latest in country music and news from around the world.
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Myles McCaulskey
Myles McCaulskey hosts his weekly radio show! This week, Myles talks about Lil Nas X on the cover of Time Magazine and he breaks down his Top 5 of the Week. Myles also mixes music from Aitch, Moss Kena, A$AP Ferg and more.
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Benji Hyer
Benji Hyer presents two hours of talk. This week, he asks: What will happen in the UK on October 31st? Should election campaigning on Facebook be regulated? And, does America now have a problem with white supremacy?
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Evie Appleson
Evie Appleson is your new favourite person to chill out with on Sunday evenings. This week she wants to know your opinions on if festivals are for everyone. Plus she has a petty little rant about realising your internet footprint and she has the best music from the week!
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Interview with Hailee Steinfeld
James Gilmore interviews actress and pop star Hailee Steinfeld. The beginning is relatively awkward and the rest is... well it's an interview about the film Bumblebee so it's relatively informative too.
Interview with Henry Cavill
Alec Feldman interviews Superman star Henry Cavill about starring in the new "Mission: Impossible - Fallout". They talk about the film and Cavill's controversial mustache.
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Listen to Benji Hyer's Hyer's Highlights podcast on all podcast platform now. He discusses the biggest current affairs issues of the week and reads out your messages. Listen here.
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