Hyer’s Highlights: Is Boris Johnson The British Donald Trump?
Benji Hyer draws comparisons between the potential next Prime Minister and the US President.
Hyer’s Highlights: Life In One Dimension
Education Secretary Damian Hinds says that young people people are growing up with a “warped view of what is normal”.
The Horrors in Hong Kong
Benji Hyer spoke to a student at Hong Kong University who is terrified of China’s “iron grip” over Hong Kong and, in a heartfelt personal testimony, recalls the pain of being fired at with tear gas.
Hyer’s Highlights: Prime Minister Candidates Admit Drug Use
After Michael Gove's confession that he took drugs "multiple times", many of the other candidates for PM have confessed their former drug use.
Hyer’s Highlights: Tuition Fee Changes
As Theresa May prepares to step down as Prime Minister, she has proposed a policy change to reduce tuition fees for students in the UK.
Hyer’s Highlights: The Race To Replace Theresa
Over a dozen contenders have thrown their hat into the ring to take over once Theresa May steps down as Prime Minister on June 7th.
Hyer’s Highlights: Raising The Youth Minimum Wage
Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced that if Labour got into power in the next British General Election he would raise the minimum wage for young workers.
Hyer’s Highlights: 10 Years Since The Expenses Scandal
It's 10 years since the UK political scandal which destroyed the public's trust in their politicians...
Hyer’s Highlights: Trump’s UK State Visit
A feisty debate has sparked after it was announced that President Donald Trump will make a three-day state visit to the UK in early-June.
Hyer’s Highlights: Greta Thunberg
Listener Michael called Thunberg's speech in front of the European Parliament "a bit uncomfortable"... Benji Hyer disagrees.
Hyer’s Highlights: Mueller Report
Benji Hyer stresses that we should not overlook the fact that Mueller's report states: "the Russian government interfered in the 2016 election in sweeping and systematic fashion”.
Hyer’s Highlights: Theresa May's Brextension
Theresa May has agreed a delay to Brexit until Halloween - but Benji Hyer fears that this could result in Brexit being extended "indefinitely".
Hyer’s Highlights: Ciaran Fitzpatrick on Brunei
The co-founder of organisation LGBT in Media says that cutting ties with Brunei would leave gay people in the region “out in the cold”.
Hyer’s Highlights: Who do you blame for this Brexit mess?
Listener Freddie suggests that the EU has "twisted this whole negotiation to look like [the British] government’s fault”.
Hyer’s Highlights: Christchurch Terror Attacks
Listener Danny tells Benji Hyer that we should be referring to the Christchurch attacker as nothing short of a “white supremacist” and a “terrorist”.
Interview with James Sevitt
Benji Hyer was joined in the studio by James Sevitt months, Sevitt who has been undertaking research in South Wales into the politics of resentment in today’s political climate.
Hyer’s Highlights: Knife Crime in the UK
Benji Hyer is joined by trainee teacher Josh Lewis who says that school expulsion is not the cause of knife crime.
Hyer’s Highlights: Leaving Neverland
One listener tells Benji Hyer that it is fine to listen to Michael Jackson's music, but it is wrong to R Kelly.
Hyer's Highlights: A US-UK Trade Deal
An issue has arisen in the US-UK trade deal negotiations - any chicken imported from the United States would be washed in chlorinated water, a practice which has been banned in the EU since 997.
Hyer's Highlights: Shamima Begum
The 13 year-old who left home in 2015 to join the Islamic State group has been found in a crowded refugee camp in north-east Syria.