Hyer's Highlights: Shamima Begum
The 13 year-old who left home in 2015 to join the Islamic State group has been found in a crowded refugee camp in north-east Syria.
Interview with Holly Gillibrand
The 13 year old skips school for an hour every week to protest the government's in-action on climate change.
Hyer's Highlights: Venezuela Crisis
Thousands of Venezuelans have taken to the streets in as part of mass protests against President Nicolás Maduro.
Hyer's Highlights: The Brady Amendment
No sooner had the British government voted through the Brady amendment had European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker told the Mrs May that there would be no reopening of the Brexit Agreement.
Hyer's Highlights: Mental Health on Instagram
A British school girl took her life after after being exposed to graphic images on Instagram.
Hyer’s Highlights: The Brexit Disaster
Listener Elana suggests that Theresa May should strive to reach across the political aisle to resolve the Brexit Disaster.
Hyer’s Highlights: 10 Weeks To Brexit Day
Listener Sam believes that a No Brexit would be the most dangerous outcome of all.
Hyer’s Highlights: US Government Shutdown
Listener Patrick still believes that the US border wall is the best answer to solving the problem of illegal immigration.
Interview with Clare Moseley | Care 4 Calais
CEO of Care 4 Calais gives Benji Hyer an insight into the situation on the Calais border as a record amount of migrants attempt to cross the English channel.
Hyer’s Highlights: A Brexit Deadlock
As we near a Brexit deadlock, Benji Hyer assesses the potential of a second referendum.
Hyer’s Highlights: Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria
As Trump's government shuts down, he also announced that he would be pulling US soldiers out of Syria
Hyer’s Highlights: A Cashless Future
As it becomes easier to pay for things with contactless cards... will we ever go completely cash-less?
Hyer’s Highlights: Theresa May’s Vote of Confidence
Despite winning her vote of no confidence, some MPs are still calling for Theresa May to step down as PM
Hyer’s Highlights: The Brexit Transition Vote
Ahead of Tuesday's Brexit Transition Vote, listener Amy is, surprisingly, optimistic for Theresa May's deal. Benji Hyer disagrees...
Hyer’s Highlights: The Future of UKIP
UKIP founder Nigel Farage has stepped down after the party's leader embraced far-right activist Tommy Robinson... is the party done for?
Hyer’s Highlights: Live from the UKIP Protest
Reporter Trent Murray was live at the scene of UKIP's pro-Brexit protest in London.
Hyer’s Highlights: The 10th Government Resignation over Brexit
As the 10th MP resigns from the Government over Brexit, will Theresa May ever get her deal passed?
Hyer’s Highlights: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal
Benji Hyer summarises Theresa May's Brexit deal and explains what happens next.
Hyer’s Highlights: The Underage Gambling Problem
Benji Hyer reaches out to listeners for their personal experiences with underage gambling in the UK.
Hyer’s Highlights: Where the US goes from here...
After historic mid-term election results (and a frenetic press conference)... where does the US go from here?