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LIVE FROM HOME #4 | On-Air This Friday 15th May
We've invited some of our favourite emerging artists on-air (again) to lift the blues we're all feeling right now...
James Gilmore
Published 14 May 2020
Live From Home / W!ZARD Radio Station

This Friday (May 15th) we're doing it one last time...

After having reached thousands (and thousands) of listeners over our first three editions... W!ZARD Radio Station has once again invited some of our our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help lift the blues we’re all feeling right now for our special broadcast: LIVE FROM HOME

From 4pm to 7pm (GMT) on Friday, James Gilmore will be serving up a fresh and exciting line-up of artists – for your entertainment! Expect singing (lots of it), chats, DMCs, games and a whole lot more to kick off your week. And everyone will be coming to you live from their home !

Each artist will be on-air for roughly 10-15 minutes… so don’t miss them! Listen live on: www.wizardradio.co.uk/listen

The line-up is:

4.15pm - New Hope Club
4.40pm - Chloe Moriondo
5.10pm - Happi
5.35pm - Evie Irie
6.05pm - Larkins
6.25pm - Olivia O'Brien
6.45pm - Danielle Bradbery

If you miss any of the broadcast, you can listen to LIVE FROM HOME on demand on W!ZARD Repeats for 7 days.

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