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Unstoppable Sessions: The Influence of Love Island
In our fourth Unstoppable Session, Myles McCaulskey responded to listener Beth who said that shows such as Love Island make her feel “gross”.
Published 23 July 2019
The initial contestants on ITV's Love Island 2019 / ITV

We have partnered with NCS to present a series of conversations – called the Unstoppable Sessions – about the issues that matter most to you. Each month from March to July 2019, a different W!ZARD Radio Station presenter will tackle a new topic and invite you to get involved. Here is an extract from Myles McCaulskey’s live Unstoppable Session from July 2019…

With the latest series of ITV’s Love Island dominating the conversation this summer, so has speculation about the impact of the show on beauty standards.

Critics of the show argue that the show promotes a certain “look” for men and women which is often unachievable and dangerous. Even though the show has pro-actively cast a more diverse line-up of contestants (with more curvy female participants, and more male participants who don’t all have six packs), critics still argue that the show isn’t going far enough.

Whether you love it or you hate it, the impact of shows such as Love Island is undeniable. With everyone talking about it, we're potentially promoting dangerous messages about how people should love, act and talk.

Talking about the how influential music, TV and video games are on his NCS: Unstoppable Session, Myles McCaulskey read and responded to a message from listener Beth who said that watching shows such as Love Island makes her feel “gross”.

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