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Unstoppable Sessions: The Effectiveness of Exams
In our second Unstoppable Session, Tamzin Kraftman asks: Do you think exams are a fair way to measure your intellectual ability?
Published 07 May 2019

We have partnered with NCS to present a series of conversations – called the Unstoppable Sessions – about the issues that matter most to you. Each month from March to July 2019, a different W!ZARD Radio Station presenter will tackle a new topic and invite you to get involved. Here is an extract from Tamzin Kraftman’s live Unstoppable Session from April 2019…

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On her Saturday radio show, Tamzin Kraftman spoke to student/listener Sarah who thinks that the traditional system of exams and revision aren't the most effective way of testing student's intellect and equipping you for the future you desire...

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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