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Unstoppable Sessions: Mental Health and Social Media
In our third Unstoppable Session, Alec Feldman asks: How much is your mental health affected by social media?
Published 27 June 2019

We have partnered with NCS to present a series of conversations – called the Unstoppable Sessions – about the issues that matter most to you. Each month from March to July 2019, a different W!ZARD Radio Station presenter will tackle a new topic and invite you to get involved. Here is an extract from Alec Feldman’s live Unstoppable Session from June 2019…

The separation between the 'real world' and social media has become more and more blurred in recent years. With this, questions have been raised about how beneficial social media is for our mental health;

Research by the Royal Society for Public Health suggests that, of the social media platforms, Instagram has the worst impact on young people’s mental health. While the rate of anxiety and depression in teenagers has increased by 70% over the past 25 years.

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On his NCS: Unstoppable Session, Alec Feldman spoke to listeners about their relationship with social media and their mental health. He asked the question: How much is your mental health affected by social media?

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