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Unstoppable Sessions: Interview with Noha Omnya
In our fourth Unstoppable Session, Myles McCaulskey speaks to music marketer Noha Omnya about turning music into influence.
Published 23 July 2019
Drake popularised the phrase "YOLO" in his song "The Motto"

We have partnered with NCS to present a series of conversations – called the Unstoppable Sessions – about the issues that matter most to you. Each month from March to July 2019, a different W!ZARD Radio Station presenter will tackle a new topic and invite you to get involved. Here is an extract from Myles McCaulskey’s live Unstoppable Session from July 2019…

Pop culture is always changing – whether it’s a song that everyone is listening to or a TV show that everyone is watching, it both consciously and sub-consciously influences our lives.

Arguably, one of the most influential elements of pop culture is Music. From Pharrell’s hit single “Happy” proving that music can genuinely have an impact on your emotions, to Drake taking the phrase 'YOLO' into everyday conversation, even through to Lil Nas X making cowboy hats popular again.

Somebody who knows plenty about the impact of pop culture is Noha Omnya. As a marketing manager at one of the most famous record labels in the world, Island Records, she has worked on campaigns for a roster which includes artists such as Drake, Dizzee Rascal, Big Shaq and the cultural phenomenon that was Rapman’s “Shiro’s Story”.

On his NCS: Unstoppable Session, Myles McCaulskey interviewed Noha about her experience turning music into influence and how artist’s stay true to their fans.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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