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Tamzin Kraftman: Support to help find a job...
Inspired by the launch of Season 2 of the THIS IS HOW podcast, Tamzin Kraftman asks if you think students need more support to help find a job.
Published 14 December 2020
THIS IS HOW / Nominet / Livity

Thinking about your future career can be challenging, especially when you don't know what kind of job you are looking for.

With the growth of the "digital space" through social media and advances in digital technology, there are now loads of different career paths to explore and upskilling in this area could lead to a really successful career. But how do we find out about them? And how do we know what skills we need and what might be the right job for us?

THIS IS HOW is a podcast exploring digital roles, with insider tips from industry experts within some of today’s most influential brands. Co-hosts Alex Powis and Bwalya Newton interview the people working at the companies you know, in the jobs you might not, about how their skills play a vital role within the digital industry.

In every episode, they deep dive into a different job role, exploring the guest’s education, experience and career history, giving insight into what’s needed to get to where they are.

You can visit the THIS IS HOW website to learn more about the skills required for these roles, access advice from industry experts and find out what job role could be right for you; you can also participate in the THIS IS HOW quiz to find out jobs which might suit you!

Do you think students are given enough support to help find a job?

On her radio show, Tamzin Kraftman asked you if you think students are given enough support to help find a job. Listener Toby didn’t think so…

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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