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Tamzin Kraftman: Finding your future career path
Inspired by Season 2 of the THIS IS HOW podcast, Tamzin Kraftman asks in what ways can you discover your future career?
Published 03 September 2021
THIS IS HOW / Nominet / Livity

Finding a job in 2021 is tough – whether you’re actually looking for a job, or just exploring potential future careers, there’s a lot out there… and only so many spaces.

Over the past few years, there has also been a big shift in the way we work. From working remotely to the growing importance of social media, as well as many new technologies – these things have shaped how we work and the jobs that exist. Therefore, we need to think about how our careers are going to look, and what the best ways are to find out valuable information about these career options.

THIS IS HOW is a ground-breaking podcast exploring digital roles, with insider tips from industry experts within some of today’s most influential brands. To listen to it, search THIS IS HOW on your favourite podcast platform.

Importantly, on the THIS IS HOW website, they also have a quiz where you can discover your future career and potentially uncover career paths you might have not even thought of in the digital space…

You can use the THIS IS HOW platform to find out the skills you need to break into the career you want. Whether you want to work in animation, coding, as a data scientist or, truthfully, if you don’t even know what you want to… the website breaks down the required skills and suggests training courses, resources you can go to – and often, many of these are even free.

In what ways can you discover your future career?

On her radio show, Tamzin Kraftman talked about some of the different ways her and her listeners have discovered their future careers - and she heard from listener Dani, who has used website like THIS IS HOW and Code Academy to help find her path into coding.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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