Switched On Pop | Why Does Every Intro Sound Like It's Underwater? (Live)
A podcast breaking down the music of pop hits.
Switched On Pop
Published 18 June 2019
Switched On Pop live at Recode's annual Code conference

Pop music surrounds us, but how often do we really listen to what we’re hearing? Switched on Pop is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on pop music. Each episode, join musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding as they reveal the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious. By figuring out how pop hits work their magic, you’ll fall in love with songs you didn’t even know you liked.

Every notice that wobbly, drunken and underwater sound common in so many contemporary pop songs?

In an era of pristine recording quality, music producers are referencing old and impure technologies to add character to their recordings. Digital cassette hiss, tape wobble, and vinyl crackle are intentionally added to productions as a facsimile of "authentic" recording technology. Why the sudden nostalgia? Where does this underwater sound come from? What does it mean? How is it made?

Find out on a live episode of Switched On Pop, recorded at Recode's annual Code conference with guest host Estelle Caswell.

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