Should we broadcast our interview with Love Island's Eyal?
James Gilmore interviewed Eyal from Love Island 3 years ago...
James Gilmore
Published 18 June 2018
Eyal Booker on Love Island

The TV show Love Island has taken over the thing we know as LIFE for the time being with seemingly everyone watching the show every night.

For those not in the know, Love Island is a British TV show which sees a group of contestants living in a villa in Mallorca in isolation from the rest of the world for nearly two months. To survive, the contestants must be coupled up with another contestant (you know, in a romantic way).

[youtube video=Nf40F7cldw0]

Through-out the series, contestants are given the chance to “re-couple” where they can choose to remain in their current couple, or swap and change. Any Islander who remains single is dumped from the island – and couples can also be voted off by the public.

On this year’s series, a contestant called Eyal has started turning heads – not least because he was a part of a band called EverYoung a few years ago… and our very own James Gilmore interviewed the band not just once, but twice!

[youtube video=J9hgKbNbX80]

On his radio show this week, James Gilmore teased some of that interview as he tries to make up his mind whether he should broadcast the fully conversation or not.

What do you think? Listen to the clip below and let us know if you want to hear the full thing!

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[audio audio="" title="Should we broadcast our interview with Love Island's Eyal?" descr="James Gilmore can't decide whether his full interview with Eyal from Love Island should be rebroadcasted... (5 minutes)"]

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