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Rhiannon Nevada: A job to wake up for
Inspired by Season 2 of the THIS IS HOW podcast, Rhiannon Nevada asks if you feel like you have been given enough support to find your dream career?
Published 02 October 2021
THIS IS HOW / Nominet / Livity

If you don’t know what your dream career is, you’re not alone – most people have no idea where to start. Perhaps the hardest part is working out what you actually want to do… what is your dream career and what actually interests you?

Like many people, W!ZARD Radio Station’s Rhiannon Nevada found herself in this very dilemma. She says that a way that really helped her work out what she wanted to do was think about: What is a job that you’d be excited to get out of bed in the morning for?

If this applies to you, then THIS IS HOW might be able to help.

THIS IS HOW has a quiz you can take part in on the THIS IS HOW website which may steer you in the right direction of what kind of career you might want to go down. Or completely open you up to a new career you have never heard of!

It makes you aware of your strengths and what kind of work environments you’d prefer and could see yourself working in. It might just point you in the right direction of what careers may be suited to you.

You can also head over to the THIS IS HOW podcast to hear from people such as Jodie, who is a Motion Graphics Designer who has worked with Sky Sports, Natalie who is an Account Manager at Facebook, Stefano who is a Senior Data Analyst who worked on Love Island and many more people in really interesting digital roles.


On her radio show, Rhiannon Nevada asked listeners if they feel like they have been given enough support to find their dream career. She heard from listener Dee who feels like her school has been trying to put her off of going down the route she wants to…

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