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Press Send | There Are Layers To This (with Minna Lee)
Chinae Alexander wants to hear about your problems.
Press Send with Chinae Alexander
Published 12 July 2020
Press Send with Chinae Alexander

Chinae Alexander, an entrepreneur and lifestyle personality, wants to hear about your problems. On Press Send, she’s fielding your questions and bringing her trademark honesty to the issues, big and small, that we all actually care about. Join Chinae and a unique guest each week as they dish out advice about everything from dating to career to friendship. No question is too intimate and no topic is off limits — just press send.

Welcome Minna Lee!

This Jill of all trades has called New York home for 12 years now (a true New Yorker if you will) and is a new mom to her corgi puppy, Benny. Minna grew up as a competitive figure skater which ultimately led to her eating disorder and body image issues that later sparked her interest in psychology and therapy.

Join her and Chinae this week as they talk about the importance of incorporating activism into everyday life, working out at home, redefining personal satisfaction and how to set boundaries early on in a new friendship.

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