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Nina Porter | Dr Laurel Mellin on Coronavirus Stress
If you live in the UK and need to talk about your mental health, contact Samaritans for free on 116 123
Nina Porter
Published 26 April 2020

This week, a new YouGov poll reported that the Coronavirus pandemic is harming the mental health of NHS and agency staff, GPs and dentists; 50% of the healthcare workers surveyed across the UK said their mental health had deteriorated since the virus began. Nationwide, crisis services are trying to deal with the Coronavirus, but there is an on-going worry that the UK’s weak mental health system may not be able to meet the rising demand for support.

Undoubtedly, this is not just an issue unique to the UK. In the United States, for example, mental health counsellors have seen a 40% increase in messages for support. Moreover, the most frequent demographic seeking help are those over the age of 35, as opposed to teenagers before the pandemic.

Furthermore, there has also been a change in the pattern of mental health problems people are suffering from since the lockdown measures. Counsellors have stated that in the first couple of weeks, people called in because they were anxious. However, the second wave of calls which are coming in now, are people who are feeling depressed and isolated. Further, reports have found that those who are affected the most, include very poor people and those living in violent situations.

In a time like this, there is an ever-increasing need for people to know where to access help and support. Millions of people around the world are currently experiencing a variety of negative emotions, from anxiety to sadness and anger. As a result, many people are struggling to find ways to cope with the stresses, such as through stress-eating.

Therefore, to tackle stress Nina Porter spoke to Dr Laurel Mellin about how stress is becoming a global issue, and the ways in which we can cope with it.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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