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Loriane - Work-Outs and Disordered Eating
What role does mental health play in the health industry? Photographer Fanny Beckman explores our obsession with the "perfect body" through conversations with special guests.
Fanny Beckman
Published 10 March 2020
Women Of My Generation / W!ZARD Studios / Image Credit: Nils Levin

What role does mental health play in the health industry?

As a response to diet culture, in 2019 Fanny Beckman created the photo series "Women of My Generation". By portraying women who felt unrepresentated in mainstream media, wearing only underwear, she challenges the modern beauty standards. But, what started as a photo series has uncovered conversations which are just as important.

Every week, Fanny invites a special guest to share their story. This podcast covers everything from fashion to mental health issues, activism to family relationships - and most of all: body image.


Most people aim for a healthy lifestyle, but the word healthy has to include mental health.

In this episode, Fanny and Loriane talk about finding balance between exercising and a peaceful mind. How can we avoid considering ourselves a failure when we don't achieve society's beauty standards?

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