Interview with Zachary Knowles
James Gilmore sits down with the Texas-based artist on Zoom to talk about finding the June to his Johnny.
James Gilmore
Published 13 February 2021
Zachary Knowles / Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli

The best way to describe Zachary Knowles music is like a warm hug from a cozy blanket.

The Texas-based singer-songwriter has caught the attention of thousands of fans with his acoustic, lyrically led music, capturing the feelings of life as a boy in a small college town. It’s all raw and authentic… straight from the heart.

Singles such as “slow down my thoughts” and “slow summer” have gained millions of streams (“slow down my thoughts”, Zachary’s biggest single to-date, has 9M streams on Spotify), slowly breaking the hearts of everyone who listen.

It’s Zachary’s latest single “johnny & june" (named after Johnny Cash and June Carter) that caused us to invite him to a Zoom session. It might be a slow strummer, but it’s a total love story. It’s about the purest type of love, one where you’re in it for the long run and are just ready to go “all in”… and, as any artist would attest, those types of songs are often the hardest to write.

James Gilmore sat down with Zachary Knowles on Zoom to talk about his “magnolia” era, writing lyrics and finding the June to his Johnny.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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