Interview with Sody (LIVE FROM HOME)
The British singer-songwriter called into our LIVE FROM HOME broadcast to talk about the meaning behind her single "Charlotte" and more...
James Gilmore
Published 13 April 2020
Sody / LIVE FROM HOME / W!ZARD Radio Station

On Friday, 3rd April 2020, we invited some of our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help lift the blues we’re all feeling right now. It was: LIVE FROM HOME.

Kicking off the broadcast was Sody – the UK-based singer songwriter who has been bubbling for a few years, and finally released her debut EP “I’m Sorry, I’m Not Sorry” at the start of 2020.

During LOVE FROM HOME, she called in to talk all about her EP, the inspiration behind her stunning single “Charlotte” and how she’s coping with self-isolation. Listen to the full interview below.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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