Interview with Poundz
Off the back of his hit single "Opp Thot", Poundz is back with new single "Tik Tok" and he sat down with Myles McCaulskey to talk all about it.
Myles McCaulskey
Published 10 October 2020

Poundz made his name in 2019 with his hit single Opp Thot - but then, when the pandemic hit, the future of the UK rap star was put at risk with tour dates and release schedules up in the air. But, with the momentum of the past year behind him, he's kept moving.

With the release of singles like Honey and Smooth Criminal, the rapper has come back with another banger: Tik Tok, which has gained over 3M views on YouTube and counting.

With a catchy hook and Poundz' signature style all over the record, the rapper has tapped into the TikTok community, entering a new realm of dancing and collaborations.

Poundz sat down with Myles McCaulskey to talk about Tik Tok, switching up his sound post-Opp Thot and he announced plans to release an EP later this year/early-2021.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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