Interview with Olivia O'Brien (LIVE FROM HOME)
Olivia O'Brien's breakthrough moment has come - and whilst the whole world is screaming her lyrics, she phoned into LIVE FROM HOME to talk all about it.
James Gilmore
Published 19 May 2020
Olivia O'Brien / LIVE FROM HOME / W!ZARD Radio Station

On Friday, 15th May 2020, we invited some of our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help lift the blues we’re all feeling right now. It was: LIVE FROM HOME.

Ever since she featured on gnash’s hit single “i hate u, i love u”, Olivia O’Brien has been an artist on the rise. Now, with a badass ‘screw you’ single taking the world by storm, her shining moment has come.

Following the release of her debut album “Was It Even Real?” in 2019, Olivia has focused on releasing “micro-mixtapes”, sort of like short EPs with two or three songs on them. And that’s where “Josslyn
came from and started to explode. It was never intended to be the break-out from this year’s micro-mixtape “The Results of My Poor Judgement”, but the fan’s judgements ultimately win.

Now with fans all over the world screaming to “i hope that it was worth it f***ing Josslyn”, Olivia O’Brien is taking 2020 by its balls – even in the middle of a global pandemic, and with huge appearances at the likes of Coachella postponed, she’s not letting that slow her down.

Olivia O’Brien called into LIVE FROM HOME to talk to James Gilmore about gaining confidence in her music, why she sides with Josslyn in her new single and when we can expect new music.

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