Interview with Morgan St. Jean (LIVE FROM HOME)
Morgan St. Jean had one of the biggest dance songs of 2020. She called into LIVE FROM HOME to talk about her debut single, 2021 plans and more.
James Gilmore
Published 03 January 2021
Morgan St. Jean / LIVE FROM HOME / W!ZARD Radio Station

On New Years Day 2021, we invited some of our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help kick off the New Year. It was: LIVE FROM HOME.

A lot happened for Morgan St. Jean in 2020.

Having appeared on a previous edition of LIVE FROM HOME, when her feature on a Loud Luxury single came out… that song went on to become one the biggest dance songs of 2020 (“Aftertaste”), she signed a record deal and now she has released her debut single, “Lola”.

Lola” tells the story of a love affair gone wrong, ending in cheating and – ultimately – a lot of stress. But, with a promise of more new music on the way very soon, Morgan St. Jean teases that “Lola” is just the start of that tale, with the songs on her debut EP spilling the rest.

She called into LIVE FROM HOME to talk about her huge 2020, the story surrounding her upcoming music and her creative process.

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