Interview with Mereba
Myles McCaulskey speaks to the R&B talent who is offering a different dimension to the Atlanta sound about her new project.
Myles McCaulskey
Published 23 March 2019

In the last couple of years, the city of Atlanta has become the undisputed home of Hip-Hop across America, and potentially the world.

However, there is a surging rise of a forgotten genre that is turning a lost of heads in the region and throughout avid music listeners alike. If you haven’t guessed it yet, that genre is R&B.

Atlanta native Mereba dropped her second project ‘The Jungle Is The Only Way Out’ at the end of February and it’s full of powerful messages blended with elegant silky productions and a smooth voice and distinct sound.

With only two features - 6LACK on 'Heatwave’ and J.I.D on 'Sandstorm’, who are also close friends of Mereba - ‘The Jungle Is The Only Way Out’ displays the singer's immense talent and offers a different dimension to the Atlanta sound. One that a lot of us are not accustomed to.

Mereba sat down with Myles McCaulskey to talk about her new project, life in Atlanta and the underbelly of R&B.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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