Interview with Maya B (LIVE FROM HOME)
Maya B called into our LIVE FROM HOME broadcast from LA to talk about finding the right vibe and more...
James Gilmore
Published 28 March 2020
Maya B / LIVE FROM HOME / W!ZARD Radio Station

On Friday, 27th March 2020, we invited some of our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help lift the blues we’re all feeling right now. It was: LIVE FROM HOME.

Despite only having 6 songs out via Capitol Records, Maya B has got the sort of buzz around her usually reserved Top 40 charting artists.

Having featured on the TCTS single “Not Ready For Love” last year, her new single “Sink” (featuring man of the moment SAINt JHN) is making waves. But, none of it is phasing Maya – who is clearly destined for even brighter moments.

She called in to LIVE FROM HOME from Los Angeles to talk all about finding the right vibe, approaching collaborations and… sitting on roofs? Listen to the full interview below.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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