Interview with Mary Lambert
Jolene Latimer interviews GRAMMY Award-nominated artist Mary Lambert about new album "Grief Creature" and she gives us a backstage tour of the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles.
Jolene Latimer
Published 25 November 2019
Mary Lambert / Photo: Shervin Lainez

To many, the name Mary Lambert is pictured next to two other names: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. But, as she’s about to prove in new album “Grief Creature”, there’s much more to Lambert than a hit feature.

The GRAMMY nominated artist behind the iconic “Same Love” is a beacon of hope for young people all over the world – whether it’s an LGBTQ+ young person stuck in a rut in their bedroom at home, or someone trying to make sense of the thoughts going through their mind and their own mental health, Mary Lambert has an emotionally-driven song that would hit right at home.

Lambert, who is now fiercely independent after splitting from Capitol Records following the release of her acclaimed debut album “Heart On My Sleeve”, has just released new album “Grief Creature” which features vocals from Macklemore and Julien Baker, among others.

To celebrate the release of her new album, Lambert performed an intimate show at the renowned GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Jolene Latimer interviewed Mary Lambert about the new album… and gave us a special backstage of the GRAMMY Museum at the same time!

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