Interview with M Huncho
Myles McCaulskey sits down with the masked Trap Wave artist to talk about his brand new project Utopia.
Myles McCaulskey
Published 04 May 2019
M Huncho

When it comes to M Huncho, it’s safe to say that the Trap Wave artist, amongst a few other individuals, has set his own unique style within the UK music scene.

Since the release of his 2017 "Get Out Mixtape" and his critically acclaimed "48 Hours" EP in which tracks like "Elevation" and "Come Up" were arguably songs of the year, M Huncho's trajectory from unknown entity to one of the main figures in UK Rap has been astonishing.

With the transition from "Bally" to "Mask" and his hit single "Birds", the rapper returned a couple months later with his new 2019 mixtape "Utopia" - which since it’s release has amassed millions of streams on Spotify and Apple Music.

M Huncho
sat down with Myles McCaulskey to talk about his brand new project "Utopia", his journey so far and his musical process when it comes to creating his music.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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