Interview with Julia Wolf
Eight months after our first interview, Julia Wolf sits down with James Gilmore to talk about never falling in love and her "Girls In Purgatory" EP.
James Gilmore
Published 06 November 2021
Julia Wolf

In the 8 months since we last sat down with Julia Wolf, her life has changed entirely.

From getting her own billboard in Time Square to countless Spotify playlist adds, performing sold out live shows and now supporting FLETCHER on her 2022 North American tour – she is a breaking pop act in the flesh.

On her latest EP, “Girls In Purgatory”, Julia Wolf is holding no prisoners. Perhaps the opener of first track “Falling In Love” should serve as a caution: as Julia says, “I deleted the original lyrics because it was like a lovey song… Which was completely made up, So why am I writing about that? It's stupid, I'm not going to do that.” This project is an honest look at life by an artist with a self-awareness that you would rarely find in this industry.

If “Falling In Love” is a self-critical look at being ‘over’ falling in love, “Nikes” is a full on cancellation. In the song, Julia critiques how she behaves when she is in a relationship: “Why am I so selfish? I feel guilt for not feeling guilty” and “Find you in my late night thoughts, shove you out and press restart” – one thing is clear, she doesn’t want you feeling sorry for her.

In fact, through-out the entire project – Julia Wolf portrays herself as a perpetrator far more than she does a victim. But, as she says in our interview, it’s not about feeling sorry, it’s about being honest and relatable. And, if relatability is what she’s going for, then she’s succeeding many times over.

A self-described “shy girl”, in “Resting B*tch Face: Part 2” she leads the siren calling for her tribe: “Shy girls doing the most sh*t, the dope sh*t”. Being shy is a superpower, and just because someone is shy, more fool you if you underestimate them.

And whilst Julia Wolf may be bringing together her fandom of shy girls and guys, at her shows you wouldn’t know this was the case. A recent post on social media showed sold out audiences screaming every lyric to every song at her first headline shows, post lockdown.

With Julia Wolf, you can see this all happening in real time. An artist who could potentially be one of the biggest on the planet doing all of the right things, all of the right ways, and keeping us all hanging in suspense for her next move. If the “Girls In Purgatory” EP is a taste of what her much-teased debut album might sound like, it won’t be long until you’ll be saying with pride: I discovered her first.

Julia Wolf
sat down with James Gilmore to talk about never falling in love, her growth as an artist (and a person) and a track-by-track run through of the "Girls In Purgatory" EP.

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