Interview with Jennifer Niven
The New York Times Bestselling author of All The Bright Places catches up with James Gilmore for the first time in 4 years to talk about her new book: Breathless.
James Gilmore
Published 04 October 2020
Jennifer Niven

The last time we spoke to Jennifer Niven, her world was very different.

Ignoring everything going on in the world right now (when we spoke in 2015 Trump wasn’t President yet, COVID-19 wasn’t a thing yet and the UK hadn’t Brexited yet) – Jennifer has had a glow-up that most other authors would be extremely jealous of.

For one, her debut young adult novel All The Bright Places has become a New York Times and international Bestseller. That same book was then adapted into a Netflix film (starring Elle Fanning, Justice Smith and Keegan-Michael Key) which was released at the peak of the pandemic. She’s also released 2016’s Holding Up The Universe (now also being turned into a film).

Which leads us to 2020: The release of her third young adult novel: Breathless.

Inspired by her true-life love story, Breathless follows Claude (based on Jennifer) and Jeremiah (based on Jennifer’s husband, Justin).

Claude Henry was supposed to be spending the Summer before college hanging out with her best friend, going on the road trip of a lifetime and maybe hooking up with the boy she has a crush on. Instead, her father drops the bombshell that he’s leaving the, she’s exiled to a remote Georgia island with her heartbroken mother, no phone service and no chance of romance.

Until she meets Jeremiah. Free-spirited, mysterious and beautiful, their chemistry is immediate and irresistible. They both know that whatever they have can only last the Summer, but maybe one Summer is enough…

James Gilmore sat down with Jennifer Niven for the first time in 4 years, from her home in remote Georgia, to talk about the success of All The Bright Places, her new book Breathless and her ultimate glow-up.

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