Interview with GRACEY
GRACEY has rapidly climbed up the pop ladder through-out 2020; on her new EP "The Art of Closure" she proves without a doubt that she is the future of pop music.
James Gilmore
Published 13 November 2020
GRACEY / Photo Credit: Aidan Zamiri

This is the third time in 12 months that we’ve caught up with GRACEY, and it’s a testament to her rapid climb up the pop ladder that we’ve had a reason to do so.

The first time (in 2019), she had just released her first couple of singles off the “Imposter Syndrome” EP (for our New Music We Love podcast, here). The second time at the start of lockdown was to talk about the rapidly rising (and now Top 10 charting) single “Don’t Need Love” with 220 KID. And now we’re talking about her new EP “The Art of Closure” – a project that emerges just as she comes forward as a major front-runner for “future iconic British pop artist”.

Much like other pop artist who also write their own music, GRACEY’s heart-breaking pop ballads hit you right where it hurts every time. But, what really makes her stand out from the pack is her ability to make all of those songs absolute Hits (with a capital H!).

For example, you might find yourself dancing along to single “Don’t” – a song that is catchy and anthemic as it is absolutely depressing because, ultimately, it’s about the moment you realise that your lover… isn’t really that in love with you! The same goes for “Empty Love”, which is one-part pop perfection and another part a-relatable-and-true-but-still-heartbreaking-realisation-about-how-messed-up-the-world-really-is-in-analytical-form.

The stand out on “The Art of Closure” (other than all of the songs, of course) is opening track “99%” – an infectious dance-pop song about the very moment where you’re about to fall in love. The moment you realise that if you take one more step forward… you’re all in.

And that is the perfect analogy of GRACEY’s standing in the pop landscape – we’re all falling in love with her music, and “The Art of Closure” is that one step forward which confirms what we always knew was true: In full confidence, she is truly the future of pop music.

James Gilmore sat down with GRACEY to talk about being scared of love, going Top 10 in your childhood bedroom and her new EP.

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