Interview with Glowie
From her imagery to her collaborators, and of course her music too: Everything is just where it needs to be for Glowie to become a household name.
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Published 03 September 2019

Every now and again and pop star shows up who just “gets it”.

Icelandic pop princess-to-be Glowie made a splash when her highly infectious debut single “Body” was released in 2018 – the empowering, body-positive tune (which was released alongside a remix with rapper of-the-moment Saweetie) was instantly put on repeat after first listen.

Then came “Cruel” – the other end of the relationship schedule where, again through simple lyrics and a hooky melody, she asks “what did I ever do to make you be so cruel?”. And, most recently, the lead single off her “Where I Belong EP”, “I’m Good” follows in the footsteps of her previous pop bops with a chant-worthy anthem about self-empowerment and determination.

Even without listening to Glowie’s music, it isn’t difficult to realise that there’s a star ready to blossom. Whether it’s her star-worthy looks or impressive list of collaborators (including Julia Michaels and Tayla Parx, the latter of which worked extensively on Ariana Grande’s “Thank U Next” and is now considered a friend by Glowie) – everything is just where it needs to be for her to become a household name.

Glowie sat down with James Gilmore to talk moving to London from Iceland, the meaning behind the “Where I Belong EP” and finding friends in collaborators.

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