Interview with Eoin Colfer
The man behind the bestselling Artemis Fowl series sits down to talk about conclude the tales of the Fowl family, once and for all.
James Gilmore
Published 22 November 2021
Eoin Colfer

There are few authors who have had an as big an impact on the book world as Eoin Colfer.

The Irish author is best known as the author behind the Artemis Fowl series – one of the bestselling children’s novels of all time, having topped countless bestsellers lists. It’s even spawned a film adaptation, of the same name, on Disney+.

Having concluded the original Artemis Fowl series in 2012, Colfer went on to write The Fowl Twins trilogy, following Myles and Beckett Fowel, the younger brothers of Artemis.

Now, the author is preparing to conclude his tales of the whole family – releasing the final Fowl Twins book (and his final book on the Fowl family) this year, “The Fowl Twins Get What They Deserve”.

James Gilmore sat down with Eoin Colfer to discuss the Artemis Fowl legacy, concluding the Fowl Twins and where he’s going from here.

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