Interview with Devon
Rhiannon Nevada sits down with the indie-rock sensation to talk everything from TikTok to new music
Rhiannon Nevada
Published 22 November 2020

Indie rock sensation Devon is not actually from Devon (he's from the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire), but the Forest of Dean very much gives off Phoebe Bridgers vibes... so we're fine with that?!

Originally discovering his ability to sing when his Year 5 teacher tuned his guitar one day and showed him a couple of chords… the rest is history as he began to have lessons and take music more seriously after that.

Lockdown got us all twiddling our thumbs but Devon decided to seize the opportunity and use Tik ok to try and give his music a boost. He now has an incredible following on both Instagram and Tik Tok with over 800,000 likes. Surprisingly his following consists of more listeners from the USA than the UK, which was mainly due to the reach that Tik Tok provides.

In October, he dropped his single "WHY DO WE WAKE UP (BEFORE THE GOOD BIT)"; about forcing himself to wake up super early to get to his day job at a jeweller shop. He was not on the best of terms with his boss, to say the least. Apparently she “despised him”, as he got fired about five times.

Devon actually finds releasing new material “really horrible”, as the anxiety of whether people will catch on and like the song is very daunting. He encourages other musicians to fight the fear and “just do it”. However, before releasing music definitely find the time to write and develop your craft first before jumping into it.

Rhiannon Nevada sat down with Devon to talk everything from TikTok to new music, what his favourite biscuit is and how he makes his music.

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