Interview with Danielle Bradbery (LIVE FROM HOME)
She's back! Danielle Bradbery phoned into LIVE FROM HOME to talk new music, Charlie’s Angels, Netflix and a whole lot more.
James Gilmore
Published 19 May 2020
Danielle Bradbery / LIVE FROM HOME / W!ZARD Radio Station

On Friday, 15th May 2020, we invited some of our favourite emerging artists from around the world to come on-air, sing a bit, chat a bit to help lift the blues we’re all feeling right now. It was: LIVE FROM HOME.

When choosing who should headline the latest edition of LIVE FROM HOME – there was truly only one artist who could fit the bill: Danielle Bradbery.

The W!ZARD Radio Station staple made waves in 2019 after featuring on the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack (executive produced by Ariana Grande) and is now back with a glimpse of her first album since 2017’s “I Don’t Believe We’ve Met” in new single “Never Have I Ever”.

The “I can’t believe I have love this good” single is co-written with song-writing heavyweights David Hodges and Laura Veltz and, if it’s anything to go by, we can all be sure that the next Danielle Bradbery
project is going to be just as honest (and vocally impressive) as anything we’ve heard before.

Danielle Bradbery called into LIVE FROM HOME to talk to James Gilmore about new music, Charlie’s Angels, Netflix and a whole lot more.

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