Interview with Chanel Loren
Sami Aronowitz sits down with the South London-born artist trying to make sense of the world around her through her catchy tunes...
Interview by Sami Aronowitz, Words by James Gilmore
Published 12 May 2022
Chanel Loren / Photo Credit: Olivia Repaci

For an artist who claims that she’s still figuring out her way in music, Chanel Loren is making it look easy.

The British-Caribbean artist, raised in South East London, made her first stamp on the music scene with debut “Playlist” - a 90s garage-meets-R&B single about being on the receiving end of someone falling out of love with you - with fans jumping on board for her smooth vocals, catchy hooks and relatable lyrics.

On follow-up single “Disappear”, Loren admits that she’s “addicted to the chase” of love, although the song admits that perhaps she hasn’t been successful in that regard recently.

Chanel Loren’s music reveals a character trying to make sense of the world around her - so far, through love songs, although as her story reveals, making sense of a foreign land is nothing new to the artist. At 17 years old, after having been accepted to study at the iconic BRIT School in London (former students including Adele and Amy Winehouse), her family relocated to Australia.

Through whatever inspiration necessary, her musical offerings to-date show that Chanel Loren can be increasingly relied upon for innovative, catchy music - which we should all be excited for. We’ll be waiting to hear what she delivers next…

On our weekly radio show in partnership with SheSources, Sami Aronowitz sat down with Chanel Loren to talk about her creative journey, struggles in the industry and to dig deep about feelings.

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