Interview with Avenue Beat
Sam, Sami and Savana have set TikTok alight with their hit F2020 - they talk to James Gilmore about life as artists-turned-viral superstars.
James Gilmore
Published 10 July 2020
Avenue Beat / Big Machine Label Group

If there’s any song which has summed up 2020 it’s Avenue Beat’s viral hit “F2020”.

The song – which, almost immediately after being posted on TikTok, went viral with artists including Maren Morris and Sara Bareilles reposting it on Instagram – reflects the year that most of us has had: We all thought 2020 was going to be “our year”, by March a global pandemic “took over my life” and we got “really sad and bored at the same time”.

Avenue Beat haven’t come out of nowhere though – they released their debut EP (“Avenue Beat EP”) last year and gained attention earlier this lockdown (yes, that phrase is a thing) with “i don’t really like your boyfriend”.

They also appeared on our LIVE FROM HOME series earlier this lockdown (yep, we’re saying that phrase again) so, in a way… told you so? We knew they’d be big!

James Gilmore sat down with Sam, Sami and Savana (AKA Avenue Beat) to talk about if 2020 is actually the worst (or if it’s just the year we all needed), popping off on TikTok and hating boyfriends.

Broadcasted exclusively worldwide on W!ZARD Radio Station.

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