Interview with Anthony Ramos
Anthony Ramos is both the most likely and least likely break-out of the 2010’s.
James Gilmore
Published 09 December 2019
Anthony Ramos

In a lot of ways, Anthony Ramos is both the most likely and least likely break-outs of the 2010’s.

The least likely: How does a Puerto Rican, Brooklyn-born, son of a single mother, who nearly ended up enrolling in the army, end up as an international icon?

The most likely: By working his a** off, always being grateful… and starring in Hamilton. In that order.

Before starring in the original Broadway cast of the generation-defining Lin Manuel-Miranda musical, Ramos dreamed of the recording artist career that he’s now etched out for himself. And even so, he’s transformed a career of playing in regional and touring musicals to Broadway fame – and take his Broadway fame to earn roles in Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” and hit movies “A Star Is Born” and “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”.

But music has been what it’s always about and on his debut album “The Good & The Bad” he tells the story of exactly what his path to the top has been like.

In the heartfelt title track he raps about how you’ve got to “hang on to the moments when you’re flying” and also to “the moments when you’re crying” and shouts out friends like Jason and Sara who believed in him before he could believe in himself.

Anthony Ramos sat down with James Gilmore to talk about life post-Hamilton, fulfilling your dreams and recording the debut album he’s always wanted to.

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