Interview with Aaron Watson
The independent-minded country singer and songwriter talks about what inspires him to make new music.
James Gilmore
Published 30 January 2019
Aaron Watson

The modern country music industry is – much like most other popular genres – mostly dominated by the major record labels. In order to become a well-known name you need to spend months and months on radio tours, doing meet and greets, guest performances and the like. And that’s just to get you started.

Aaron Watson is an exception to the rule. The country star, who models himself on traditional honky tonk fashion, has over 200M streams to his name on Spotify alone, a #1 album on the Top Country Albums charts (2015’s ‘The Underdog’) and a Top 10 single on the Country Airplay charts (2017’s ‘Outta Style’) and he’s always been independent.

Describing his sound as “traditional country with a young energy”, Watson includes Church gospel hymns and Willie Nelson as two of his musical inspirations. After leaving University, he went on to record his first – of many – albums ‘Shutupanddance’ which made him a regular fixture on the Texas honky tonk scene.

As time as gone on, his success has only grown. In 2010, on his most pop (albeit still very “country”) outing to date, ‘The Road & the Rodeo’, he charted inside the Billboard 200 for the first time and in 2012 ‘Real Good Time’ rose to #9 on the Billboard Country Albums chart.

Aaron Watson’s secret to success isn’t much of a secret at all – it’s very visible. Consistently releasing new music (he’s released an album at least every two years since he launched his career), taking every opportunity to play live (he played 148 shows in 2015) and being continuously thankful (he gives thanks multiple times during our interview) has got him where he is today.

Consistently releasing new music, taking every opportunity to play live and being continuously thankful has got him where he is today.

James Gilmore interviewed Aaron Watson about his career, inspiration for new music and more backstage at The Long Road Festival in the UK.

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