Hyer’s Highlights: Trump Withdraws Troops from Syria
As Trump's government shuts down, he also announced that he would be pulling US soldiers out of Syria
Benji Hyer
Published 26 December 2018
President Donald Trump

If you thought British politics was in total deadlock, then at least you can be grateful that it’s still actually operating, because over in America, the US government is in partial shutdown, all because of Donald Trump’s infamous Southern border wall.

The wall was the foundation of Trump’s Presidential campaign promises. But he’s now demanding $5.7bn of US taxpayer money to build it, and Democrats in Congress are refusing to provide funding.

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As the government shuts down, news from the States worsened as Defence Secretary James Mattis quit in protest over Mr Trump’s controversial decision to pull US soldiers out of Syria in what has been branded a “reckless” move. The President claims that Mr Mattis “retired”, but this is very clearly a resignation born out of pure disagreement.

Furthermore, reports suggest that the Trump administration could also announce plans to withdraw 7,000 troops from Afghanistan – that’s roughly half of the remaining US forces in the country.

On his Sunday radio show, Benji Hyer highlighted the serious implications of these withdrawals, taking comments from listener Steven.

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[audio audio="http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/podcasts/HyersHighlightsTrumpGovernmentShutdown.mp3" title="Benji Hyer on Trump Withdrawing Troops from Syria" descr="Benji Hyer highlights the serious implications of these withdrawals, taking comments from listener Steven. (4 minutes)"]

Listen to the full discussion from Benji Hyer's radio show on the 'Hyer's Highlights' podcast, here

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