Hyer’s Highlights: Greta Thunberg
Listener Michael called Thunberg's speech in front of the European Parliament "a bit uncomfortable"... Benji Hyer disagrees.
Benji Hyer
Published 29 April 2019
Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg is becoming an icon in the battle against climate change.

The 16-year-old Swedish activist has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and is speaking to governments worldwide. Last week, she was in the UK, and the teenager who spearheaded a global school walkout told Extinction Rebellion protesters in London that “the politicians and people in power have gotten away with not doing anything at all to fight the ecological crisis”, but “we will never stop fighting for this planet”.

She went on to address the UK Parliament and meet leaders of the main political parties. And her speech to British MPs was given only a few days after she fought back tears giving another talk at the European Parliament.

Messaging into Benji Hyer’s Sunday radio show, listener Michael – who say he does “care about the environment” – believes that “crying in front of the European Parliament at the thought of plants and insects dying” is “a bit uncomfortable”.

Benji Hyer didn’t exactly agree…

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