Hyer’s Highlights: Does lying help Trump? (Part 1)
Benji Hyer breaks down the "firehose of falsehood" technique and hold Trump uses it to shape public opinion in his favour.
Benji Hyer
Published 04 September 2018
US President Donald Trump

During the 2016 election, researchers released a report warning about a particular propaganda technique.

The report was primarily about Russia, but the lessons that can be learned from it show how a powerful leader in any country, including the US, can actually benefit from telling porkies.

[youtube video=NGnhI_luF1A]

The technique referred to is known as the 'firehose of falsehood', which highlights how if you bombard people with more lies than anyone can handle, then they can ultimately turn out to shape public opinion in your favour.

On his Sunday radio show, Benji Hyer took a few minutes to evaluate how this is the case in regard to President Donald Trump, and other fear-mongering demagogues.

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[audio audio="http://www.wizardradio.co.uk/podcasts/HyersHighlightsTrumpLying1.mp3" title="Benji Hyer on Trump's Lying (Pt 1)" descr="Benji Hyer takes a few minutes to evaluate Trumps method of the 'firehose of falsehood' to shape public opinion. (4 minutes)"]

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