Hyer’s Highlights: Anti-Semitism in The Labour Party
Jewish Labour Movement’s National Organiser Rebecca Filer speaks to Benji Hyer following the BBC Panorama exposé into Anti-Semitism in the Labour Party.
Benji Hyer
Published 18 July 2019
Jeremy Corbyn

Anti-Semitism: the form of anti-Jewish racism which just won’t go away.

In a special BBC Panorama documentary which aired on Wednesday 10th July, several Labour members shared their personal testimonies, with one revealing that she believed the party is “no longer a safe space for Jewish people”.

This followed the resignation of three high-profile Labour peers, who say they fear for the future of the party.

In response to the documentary, Labour argue there was no interference whatsoever. Instead, the party claims that the former staffers were making these allegations were “disaffected” and out to discredit Jeremy Corbyn.

However, Deputy Leader Tom Watson admitted he was “shocked, chilled and appalled” by what he heard, and in his eyes, there are “serious questions” to answer. Other MPs also commended the courage of those who had spoken out, describing their experiences as “heart-breaking”.

The position which the party finds itself in is “tragic”, with some meetings becoming “hostile and unwelcoming”...

One of those to appear in that programme was Jewish Labour Movement’s National Organiser Rebecca Filer. She told Benji Hyer on W!ZARD Radio Station that Labour’s structure and leadership are “institutionally anti-Semitic”, and the processes are “fundamentally failing” too. She says that the position which the party finds itself in is “tragic”, with some meetings becoming “hostile and unwelcoming”, but this is a situation “that has been made of its own doing”.

Even though Rebecca feels that Labour is “not deserving of being in government” and that “the crisis won’t go away if Corbyn steps down”, she vows to nonetheless stay on as a member to “fix” what she calls an “incredibly sad situation”.

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