Hyer’s Highlights: A Rock and a Hard Place
As the UK faces it's fourth national vote in under five years, many young people feel stuck between a rock and a hard place as to who they should vote for.
Benji Hyer
Published 18 November 2019
Jeremy Corbyn

It was about 365 days ago that Theresa May’s Cabinet approved her Brexit deal. Speaking in Downing Street after that marathon meeting, the then Prime Minister acknowledged there would be “difficult days ahead”.

The next 12 months brought three House of Commons votes against her deal, a European election wipe-out for her party, Mrs May’s resignation, Boris Johnson’s ascent to Downing Street, a renegotiation, a new deal, and now a snap general election campaign.

So, in effect, she wasn’t wrong.

The country will face its fourth national vote in under five years when the UK heads to the polls on 12th December 2019, and realistically it’s down to a binary choice: a Conservative majority with a Brexit agenda, or a Labour-led Remain-ish alliance, offering a possible second referendum on leaving the EU.

Many W!ZARD Radio Station listeners feel “stuck between a rock and a hard place” given the options on offer. Discussing the matter on Benji Hyer's Sunday radio show, listener Edward messaged in to say that he “doesn’t want to vote” Conservative because he “absolutely disagrees” with their policies. But, “I can’t vote Labour either”, he continued, “because Jeremy Corbyn is an extremist” and “an awful human being”.

Presenter Benji Hyer responded with a scathing attack on the Leader of the Opposition, comparing him – rather than Boris Johnson – to US President Donald Trump.

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Listen to the full discussion from Benji Hyer's radio show on the 'Hyer's Highlights' podcast, here

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