Eyal left Love Island and ruined our plans!
The Love Island contestant got kicked off and James Gilmore is not happy...
James Gilmore
Published 02 July 2018
Eyal Booker before he got kicked off of Love Island (he probably doesn't look this happy now).

If you're a Brit - or a wannabe Brit - right now, Love Island has been taking over your life.

For those not in the know, Love Island is a British TV show which sees a group of contestants living in a villa in Mallorca in isolation from the rest of the world for nearly two months. To survive, the contestants must be coupled up with another contestant (you know, in a romantic way).

[youtube video=MvH6Kh5Emcg]

Through-out the series, contestants are given the chance to “re-couple” where they can choose to remain in their current couple, or swap and change. Any Islander who remains single is dumped from the island – and couples can also be voted off by the public.

One of the contestants seemed familiar to W!ZARD Radio Station's very own James Gilmore and that was because they were. James has interviewed contestant Eyal Booker twice before, a few years ago when he was in a band called EverYoung.

[youtube video=pj7jDeeEPuk]

Naturally, to capitalise on this opportunity, James had set-up a complicated and long-winded plan to tease pieces of these interviews over the coming two months that the show is on TV, culminating in Eyal winning the series and then James becoming forever famous for having an early interview with the winner of Love Island 2018.

But, now that's not going to happen. And James isn't very happy...

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[audio audio="" title="Eyal got kicked out of Love Island and has ruined our plans " descr="James Gilmore is not very happy about Eyal leaving Love Island, but for a very specific, and relatively selfish, reason. (5 minutes)"]

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