Evie Appleson: Head-Over-Heels Summer Romances
Inspired by Jenn Bennett's new book Serious Moonlight, Evie Appleson reads your stories of your most head-over-heels summer romances.
Published 26 June 2019
Head-Over-Heels Summer Romances

The summer can be a whirlwind time – you’re off school, out of routine and there’s plenty of time to find distraction. It’s the perfect storm for… a summer romance!

They can end in heartbreak and tears (queue a playlist of Taylor Swift songs...), full of epic moments (even in a surprisingly short period of time). Or, once in every blue moon, a love that started under the beaming summer heat can blossom into something more. Queue: Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin.

Whether they end with Somebody I Used To Know or Time After Time (a CLASSIC)... they tend to teach you some sort of life lesson.

Serious Moonlight” is the new book by Jenn Bennett and is all about an epic summer romance.

It follows 18 year-old Birdie who has been raised in isolation and home-schooled by her strict grandparents. The only experience Birdie has had of the outside world is through her favourite crime books. But everything changes when she takes a summer job working the night shift at a historic Seattle hotel.

There she meets Daniel Aoki, the hotel’s charismatic driver, and together they stumble upon a real-life mystery: a famous reclusive writer—never before seen in public—is secretly meeting someone at the hotel.

To uncover the writer’s puzzling identity, Birdie must come out of her shell, and in doing so, realize that the most confounding mystery of all may just be her growing feelings for Daniel.

Inspired by “Serious Moonlight”, Evie Appleson asked listeners to tell her about their most head-over-heels summer romances… and you didn’t disappoint! Listen to Romilly’s summer romance in the clip.

Click here to find out more information about “Serious Moonlight” by Jenn Bennett.

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