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Evie Appleson: Body Positivity
Listener Ollie thinks it’s "undeniable" that the body positivity movement is promoting unhealthy habits… Evie Appleson isn’t so sure.
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Published 06 May 2019
The controversial "Beach Body Ready?" advert by Protein World

It’s difficult to feel happy about your body amidst all the pressures on body standards often created through social media… are you summer body ready yet?

In response, a movement has sprung up called body positivity designed to make people feel happy about their body regardless of what shape or size it is.

The movement is spearheaded by some Instagram influencers, such as Megan Crabbe (@bodyposipanda), who post pictures of their own “bigger” bodies in order to encourage their audience to feel okay about theirs.

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AD | Every year I let go of another lie about what I "should" be wearing for my body type and step out in whatever the hell makes me happy. Flattering used to mean whatever made me look smaller. Now it just means whatever makes me feel like the 10/10 goddess I am, flat stomach not required 💃🏽 • This year I've been asked to be a speaker at Bristol Fashion Week and I am READY to talk all things body confidence, style & why any rules about what we 'should' be wearing for our body type really are lies! I'll be there Wednesday 3rd and also Sunday 7th April, and I'll put the ticket link in my stories now if you wanna check it out 😊 here's to a whole lot less hiding away, and a whole lot more minidresses this summer 💜💙💚🌈🌞 #BFWF #feeluplifted • [Image description: Megan is standing on a balcony overlooking a river, she's wearing a yellow gingham minidress and rainbow wedges. Her hand is on her hip and she's smiling at the camera with a carefree expression]

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This is often met with backlash about them glorifying obesity as their weight could be perceived as a health risk which they are promoting to an audience.

Messaging into Evie Appleson’s Sunday radio show, listener Ollie said "I totally support making people feel good in their own skin’ but ‘If you are really overweight, or severely underweight" then "we shouldn’t be promoting those images to people!"

Evie took a different approach - listen to her response in the clip below!

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