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Demystified | The Big Bang
If it’s a historical mystery, it’s going under the microscope.
Ashleigh Stiles
Published 15 January 2020
Demystified by Ashleigh Stiles

Ghost ships, lost cities, unsolved crimes and mysteries, ancient mythology, dissapeared explorers - if it’s a historical mystery, it’s going under the microscope.

History has always been fascinating, but more fascinating than what we know is what we don’t; in this podcast Ashleigh Stiles looks into famous and obscure episodes of folklore, unexplained circumstances, and unsolved mysteries from around the world and throughout time.

Taking a modern lens to these ancient puzzles, she uses all the evidence and findings to try and piece together what really happened, or as close a picture as we can get, to both entertain the listener, and inspire interest in these lesser-known chapters of the human experience. So sit back and listen along, and join us in pondering the great unsolved questions of history.


Humans, in general, like explosions - they’re cool! Fireworks are a pivotal part of celebrations across many cultures.

Sometimes, however, that event is out of our control; sometimes it flattens thousands of kilometers of forest without warning, an explosion over 1,000 times greater than the Hiroshima bomb, right out of nowhere then gone in a flash. Kaboom.

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