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Demystified | Leather Apron
If it’s a historical mystery, it’s going under the microscope.
Ashleigh Stiles
Published 22 April 2020
Demystified by Ashleigh Stiles

Ghost ships, lost cities, unsolved crimes and mysteries, ancient mythology, dissapeared explorers - if it’s a historical mystery, it’s going under the microscope.

History has always been fascinating, but more fascinating than what we know is what we don’t; in this podcast Ashleigh Stiles looks into famous and obscure episodes of folklore, unexplained circumstances, and unsolved mysteries from around the world and throughout time.

Taking a modern lens to these ancient puzzles, she uses all the evidence and findings to try and piece together what really happened, or as close a picture as we can get, to both entertain the listener, and inspire interest in these lesser-known chapters of the human experience. So sit back and listen along, and join us in pondering the great unsolved questions of history.


Please Note: This content includes references which may not be suitable for young listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

It’s finally time for us to peel off the cover on one of the most gruesome crime sprees of all history... one that would burn the name of it’s perpetrator into popular culture for all-time, and would inspire countless copy-cat crimes and come to define the dark side of modernity.

There is a silver lining to be found in this story - it’s just that looking for it involves wading through so much dark cloud. In Victorian London, the pea-soup fog lies thick. Footsteps in the darkness, a silent shadow and a demon from hell. Whitechapel’s an ironic name...

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