Switched On Pop | Can't Help Falling in Lauv (the interview)
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Switched On Pop
Published 05 March 2020

Pop music surrounds us, but how often do we really listen to what we’re hearing? Switched on Pop is the podcast that pulls back the curtain on pop music. Each episode, join musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding as they reveal the secret formulas that make pop songs so infectious. By figuring out how pop hits work their magic, you’ll fall in love with songs you didn’t even know you liked.

This week, Charlie talks to Lauv, the singer, songwriter and producer behind unfailingly catchy tracks such as "Mean It" and "I Like Me Better".

Lauv's a master at making the sad feel fun—masking themes of anxiety and betrayal with upbeat, percussive production. He even does a bit of the opposite, too, by infusing his joyful songs with vulnerability and emotional complexity.

You can hear this on his debut studio album, ~how I'm feeling~, out now.

The conversation explores Lauv's song-making process and touches on everything from T Swift (Lauv counts himself a fan), "mind" rhymes, and the particular nuances of loneliness in the internet age.

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