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Breaking Beauty | A Lip Balm You Can Plant & More Zero Waste Beauty Updates
Longtime beauty editors Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins are here to tell you what’s good, uncovering the breakthrough people, products and moments in beauty – every single Wednesday!
Carlene Higgins and Jill Dunn
Published 30 June 2021
Breaking Beauty

Tune in to hear inspiring stories behind the most iconic, best-selling beauty products and how they came to be, straight from the founders themselves. Plus, get insights and tips from the brilliant minds shaping today’s trends and ideas. With #damngood beauty product reviews – skincare, haircare and makeup and more – you won’t want to buy a thing before tuning in.

Today we’re partnering with our friends at Ethique - the beauty brand that completely popped off after Ashton Kutcher and Britney Spears shared on social media - to find out how we can reduce alllll of the waste that comes out of our beauty routines.

New Zealand-based brand founder and biochemist Brianne West is here to school us on the single tweak that you can make to your getting ready routine that will have the biggest impact on the planet, the dirty cosmetic ingredient guilty of messing up our waterways and the worst culprits when it comes to unethical ingredient sourcing.

Plus, did you know that Ethique’s concentrated beauty bars have saved 11 million plastic containers from reaching landfills since its launch in 2012? Find out what you can expect when you’re trying one of these innovative beauty bars for the first time, whether it’s a skincare serum, face cream or shampoo and conditioner. And stay tuned to hear all about Ethique’s brand new lip balm that you can actually plant — packaging and all — in your home garden (mind blown!)

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