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Alec Feldman’s Poetry Challenge
Some rhyming Christmas presents, from Alec to you peasants.
Alec Feldman
Published 07 January 2020

Just before Christmas, Alec Feldman was trying to think of ways he can give back to everybody who listens to his show. And then it hit him – he can help them get Christmas presents for their loved ones. For free!

How was this possible? Well, Alec took it upon himself to get creative and write some poems for a few lucky listeners. All they had to do was send him a few details about the person they’d like a poem written for, and Alec did the rest. In just 20 minutes.

The rhymes were… questionable. He even did a hate poem for someone’s enemy. All in the spirit of Christmas.

Hear how Alec got on with his poetry challenge below, now!

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