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Alec Feldman's Celebrity Claims Hotline
Where there’s blame, there’s a claim.
Alec Feldman
Published 11 August 2019
Alec Feldman's Celebrity Claims Hotline

Alec Feldman read recently about Chris Martin from Coldplay running over somebody’s foot (well, his driver did anyway). This got him thinking – is there money to be made in suing celebrities for injuries they’ve caused?

Alec decided that there is – and got to work setting himself up as a no-win-no-fee accident and injury lawyer. He asked whether anyone listening has ever, no matter how distantly, been injured by a famous person... or as a result of a celebrity doing something. If you have, a MASSIVE payout could be coming your way*.

*once Alec has taken his share off the top

Hear the cases Alec decided to take on below!

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